Can you ever imagine an Arsenal without Arsene ? – by Gautam Sudev
January 17, 2018
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June 4, 2018

Merci Arsene

And as slowly the dust settles after all the tributes that’s been pouring down, we can slowly make terms with reality that it’s happening. The final strand from childhood is about to break and in a gripping silence that we were not warned.

Arsene Wenger, the last emperor steps down much for the delight and sadness of many people around the world. But his legacy is unparalleled, his philosophy is uncorruptible and his character, unquestionable. As fans, players, managers take turn in paying tributes to this icon of the game, we cannot stop ourselves from joining this choir and sing a perfect melody for him.

How can someone who we haven’t met make such a lasting influence on your beliefs and philosophy. But he was Arsene, he could do anything. A manager, a philosopher, an inspiration, a father-figure and much more.

In all the seasons that graced us in the last 22 years Arsene was everything he needed to be. In Spring a perfect song, in summer a cold drink, in autumn a perfect picnic and in winter a warm hug.

We will be forever grateful for what you taught us on and off the football field. And will keep the values of this great club like you showed us.



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